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IMPULSE - Reebok

Back from Boston, where we set up “Impulse”, a large-scale spatial installation built for Reebok’s headquarter in the Seaport district. Impulse lets you experience ephemeral energies and rhythms resembling its surroundings moving through a flow field made of light. This is made possible by 1050 custom LED-PCBs offering a high dynamic brightness range housed in parametrically designed and cut sheet metal plates.

Novum magazine

This month, you can discover our work in novum magazine. Learn more about the studio and our philosophy in a new interview series by Felix Wiesner called “New Talents Berlin”!

Buy your own copy at : www.novum.graphics

Empathic Futures Exhibition

Get a glimpse of what is happening after our recent app experiment at the Empathic Futures exhibition – don’t miss it!

Open until 28 February 2018 at the Financial DRIVE of the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, the interactive exhibition presents the findings from 500 conversations between humans and machines.

The archive of conversations can also be visited at www.empathicfutures.com

Empathic Futures Exhibition – Exploring the Future of Human-Machine Relationships
16 November 2017 – 28 February 2018

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Financial DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum
Unter den Linden 19a, 10117 Berlin

Empathic Futures

Empathic Futures is a research experiment by FELD studio for digital crafts and Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe that explores the relationship between artificial intelligence and human behaviour to develop ‘Empathic Intelligence’.

This July and August, we are conducting the first phase of our research by inviting 500 participants to chat for 5 days with their own Empathic Intelligence.

Help us create new human-machine conversational possibilities for the future – and explore the results at our upcoming exhibition at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum this November.

Talk to your E.I. today – create new human-machine conversational possibilities for the future!

The app experiment is a method that confronts people with a hypothetical future scenario in which they talk to an Empathic Intelligence. These text conversations aim to inspire people’s imagination about the form and function of future intelligent systems.

Register to secure your personal E.I. now!

New artwork for Penguin Cafe

The iconic Penguin Cafe join the Erased Tapes family and open a brand new chapter to their unique world with new album The Imperfect Sea.

Artworks for Peter Broderick

Funkhaus Sessions

Built in the '50s as the broadcast headquarters for the GDR’s state radio, this complex is home to some of the world's most breathtaking recording studios and since 2016 also the epicenter for a new series of concerts for which FELD developed posters and the visual concept.

Funkhaus Berlin
Funkhaus Sessions Tickets

Possibly Colliding

We are bringing our work to the Barbican, designing a spatial installation in the foyer, that explores the theme of collision. Two revolving arms evade each other narrowly in a huge mobile of light and sound in constant motion.

This continues an on going collaboration with Nils Frahm, who we have worked together on album artwork, installations and instrument designs in the past.

1 – 3 July 2016
Possibly Colliding
a weekend curated by Nils Frahm
barbican London

A selection of artworks and related designs

Open internship position

FELD offers a three to four month studio internship from September 2015 on with a focus on interface design.

We are looking for someone with a strong interest in designing for and with new technologies coupled with an interdisciplinary approach. Required is a strong aesthetical expression on screen and paper, some basic programming skills, a sense for novel and intuitive interfaces and of course the curiosity to learn something new every day.

Interested? Send an e-mail with your application to jobs@feld.is.

New Website and music video for Nils Frahm

Our good friend Nils always tries to keep us busy. We designed and realized his new website which now holds a complete archive of his work along with a impressive list of his upcoming tour dates and all necessary information about the Berlin based composer and pianist.
Take a look at nilsfrahm.com.

The second trick followed today with the announcement of the official music video for his song “Hammers” from the acclaimed album “Spaces”. Shot during the preparations of Nils latest concert at Admiralspalast in Berlin, this time-lapse video covers 3.5 hours of setting up, arranging and sound-checking Nils’s equipment on stage. Have a look at the video.

KIASMOS Album Cover Artwork

Neo-classical pianist and composer Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen just released their new album entitled KIASMOS. Since their latest EP release “Thrown” in 2013 FELD takes also account for the design of their new Album.

Designed by FELD the cover also features the artwork 'Schwarm III' by Andreas Nicolas Fischer.
You can order the album on CD, Double Vinyl and Ltd. Edition with Clear Vinyl via the Erased Tapes Store.

8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

This years 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art will see the first sound collaboration between Nils Frahm, Mario Gracia Torres and FELD.

The 8th Berlin Biennale will open its doors to the public on May 28, 2014.
8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

P H Y S I C A    exhibition

The exhibition PHYSICA features sculptures that stage physical phenomena to be perceived in a sensory way. Due to the experimental nature and an aesthetic construction of the exhibits, the acting forces and their causalities gain a unique dramaturgy. We would love to welcome you all, if you happen to be in Berlin for the vernissage.

PHYSICA is a group exhibition hosted by Philipp Eibach, Hartmut Wöhlbier and FELD. The showcased work focuses on the experience of natural forces in a series of three installations. Every single work applies a different feel of raw power and energy, all exposed in an experimental manner.

Physica exhibition and Facebook event

SHEETS EINS by Nils Frahm

Sheets is a deluxe artefact containing the sheet music to ten of Nils Frahm’s piano works, a selection of photographs from award-winning visual artist Stuart Bailes, illustrated instructions on how to modify your piano to achieve Nils’ signature ‘Felt’ sound, and a digital pass to download audio copies of the titles featured in the book.

Visit the SHEETS microsite.
Find a more detailed documentation on our BEHANCE playground.

Erased Tapes Records 5th anniversary collection

This deluxe box set is limited to 500 copies worldwide and contains 10 exclusive tracks from the London based label Erased Tapes Records.

The collection is available on the Erased Tapes Records store.
For a more detailed documentation take a look at our BEHANCE design portfolio.

Open internship position

FELD offers a three to four month studio internship from September 2015 on with a focus on interface design.

We are looking for someone with a strong interest in designing for and with new technologies coupled with an interdisciplinary approach. Required is a strong aesthetical expression on screen and paper, some basic programming skills, a sense for novel and intuitive interfaces and of course the curiosity to learn something new every day.

Interested? Send an e-mail with your application to jobs@feld.is.

PIGMENTPOL stationery

During the last month we had some happy moments opening our real life post box. The generative identity for PIGMENTPOL just got featured in various international publications on dynamic identities, graphic design and stationery.

So … please keep on feeding our mail box with more nice things.

KRÄFTE Exhibition

We are just preparing our upcoming exhibition “KRÄFTE” in Prague. “KRÄFTE” focuses on the experience of natural forces in a series of three installations. Every single work applies a different feel of raw power and energy, all exposed in an experimental manner.

See you in Prague for the opening, November 7th from 18:00 on.

22PRESENTS.COM Mlynářská 4, Praha 1, Czech rep.

Richard Meier edition of »Extracts of Local Distance« prints

We are selling a limited edition of fine art prints of the »extracts of local distance« series which is dealing with the creation of collages out of different architectural photographs based on geometric features and common vanishing points in a generative process.

In this special edition, each collage is featuring photographs of one building by the architect Richard Meier including the Museo dell'Ara Pacis, Arp Museum, Frieder Burda Collection and the Rickmers House.

In total there are 10 different unique prints available, each ink jet printed on fine art paper and mounted on a heavy passepartout with a total size of 45x60cm. The price is 75€ per print plus shipment.

For details and orders please mail to hello@feld.is.

SCREAMS at Nordlichter 2012 Festival

Screams is a performative media-concert about the similarities and the essential emptiness of birth and death. Differences and transitions between word and silence; voice and language; tone, sound and noise are being de-constructed and merged together to a song »from the cradle to the grave«. In this experimental music-theatre work by Timo Kreuser for voice, accordeon and electronics the sound-production, the sound-conclusion and the visual image blend into one. Through extended instruments the musicians on stage can re-define at any time the relation between composition, interpretation and media realisation. Sound and visual image relate and correspond interactively.

Screams is a production of Ahab-Shipping Co.productions and Trackworkers Artists Collective and co-produced with the Electronic Studio of the Technical University of Berlin, faculty of Audio-communication.

Timo Kreuser, (composition & direction), Tora Augestad (voice), Camilla Barratt-Due (accordion, euphonic toilet), Wilm Thoben, (sound director), Hannah Dörr (video), Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, (dramaturge), Christof Belka (executive producer), FELD (luminous sculpture)

Luminous Sculpture goes Norway

«… Why should you gaze on the dance of SHULAMMITE as on the dance of two armies? …» is an ensemble performance with several robots and one dancer. The performance looks to the grotesque body images in Shir ha Shirim (Song of Solomon) and how beauty ideals is presented in an expanded media reality.

A female dancer accompanied by an interactive robot/sculpture ensemble create extended movements and close-ups of sound of the dancers body. With its human and hyper-human performers, the performance moves between the blurred boundaries that seem to separate body and image, humans and machines, the inner and the outer, beauty and the grotesque. Questions surrounding how the desired body is presented, how we relate to body taboos and its unpleasantness , is staged in a generous, visual composition with imagery of sound. How do we see body and beauty, and how do these ideas take shape, change, and how are they filtered? Where do the grotesque, the transformative, the edited and the artificial body meet?

Black Box Teater Oslo

By: Mia Habib & Timo Kreuser. Performer, choreography & concept:: Mia Habib. Composer og consept: Timo Kreuser. Sound director: Wilm Thoben. Light designer: Ingeborg S. Olerud. Dramaturg & producer: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. Producer: Martin Døving. Light sculpture: FELD studio for digital crafts. Producer: Mia Habib Productions. Co-production: Black Box Teater, THE TRACKWORKERS , NOTAM, Elektronisches Studio TU Berlin, FG Audiokommunikation, PNEK. With support by: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere and AHAB SHIPPING CO.productions. In residency: Dansarena NORD and Black Box Teater.

Images by Ultima Oslo

Kiasmos Thrown EP artwork

We just finished the artwork for KIASMOS upcoming EP entitled THROWN.

For some more images check out our behance design profile
Get the vinyl via Erased Tapes Records.

Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds STARE artwork

STARE is latest collaboration between berlin based artist Nils Frahm and icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds.

For more images check out our behance design profile
Get the vinyl via Erased Tapes Records.

design report feature

The latest »design report« magazine, published by the German Design Council, focuses on design research and presents a variety of projects which share a common research related approach. One of the featured projects is »Objects made for dreams«, which engages oneself in the making of a tool that can be transferred from the real to the dream world. This gives one the ability to cope with a recurring situation in dreams.

NOTATIONS workshops China

Together with the Bauhaus University Weimar Frederic gave a workshop series on the topic of computational design at the Tongji University Shanghai and Tsinghua University Beijing. The aim was to give an introduction on the possibilities that Arduino and Processing offer for designers to build their own tools and prototypes.

The workshop introduced an exemplary process: each participant collected data from the physical world with a self build sensor box and afterwards translated these with an algorithm into a visual notation in the computer.

To underline the approach of using digital media as a tool within a process, even if the result is not necessarily digital itself, the resulting »notation sheets« were printed out and staged along the sensor box for the final presentation.Since the course level was intended for beginners, all parts were pre-build and easily configurable and the code snippets were also prepared in a modular structure.



We at FELD had the pleasure to work together with american singer, songwriter and composer Peter Broderick, on his new album »http://www.itstartshear.com«. He commissioned us as lead designers for this special piece of music.

Peter always felt a great satisfaction from having an image and some words by the artist to accompany and enhance the sounds. To take in the full picture as the artist intended and which in his mind includes all the liner notes and artwork together with the music.

So »http://www.itstartshear.com« was designed simply to be a place where all listeners, no matter what format they obtain the music in, can easily access all the lyrics and notes and visuals which are meant go along with the songs; and as a title, »http://www.itstartshear.com« serves the music well by automatically becoming a link, any time someone writes about the album. A link to the place where people can learn all about the album, directly from the source. A link that is the album.


Exhibition at Chamber of Architects, Karlsruhe

The Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe features “Extracts of Local Distance” in their upcoming exhibition. The show will take place from february, 8th until February, 24th and is concerned particularly with the work of architect Richard Meier.

Limited edition of pen-plotter made posters

While FELD designed the artwork for »FELT«, the latest album of Nils Frahm, by using a ROLAND DPX-3300 pen-plotter, the idea came up to directly use the plotter to draw a limited amount of posters with it. The posters are plotted with three colours on an A2 sheet of paper in a limited edition of 50 pieces. And yes, we know: Nils' album and our studio coincidentally have a very similar name...

Exhibition And Talk, Sweden

The project “unter Strom” was part of the Ambience Conference and Exhibition 2011 in Boras, Sweden besides other works of international artists, architects, scientists and designers. The conference from the 28. until 30. November included discussion about specific technological inventions and the role of practices and critic in design and scientific processes. The work unter Strom showed people their electric potential by giving tiny electric shocks.

Storytelling Apparatus in Ohio

On October 28th, the Perpetual Storytelling and Reflection II apparatus will be exhibited in the exhibtion “Seeing/Knowing” at the brand new Graham Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, Ohio. The exhibition takes place from October 29, 2011 to March 5, 2012.

“Seeing/Knowing” features 15 internationally renowned award-winning artists working at the intersection of information and image exchange. Their provocative works vary from formal investigations to illustrations of data, expressed through a range of media, from painting to viewer-responsive interactive digital forms.

Artists: Diana Cooper, Andreas Nicolas Fischer & Benjamin Maus, Michael Joaquin Grey, Eduardo Kac, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Benjamin Maus & Julius von Bismarck, Emma McNally, Julie Mehretu, Nathalie Miebach, C.E.B. Reas, Matthew Ritchie, Camille Utterback, Jorinde Voigt, and Marius Watz.

'TXTR corporate redesign

The Berlin based company txtr.com asked us to redesign their corporate website. Together with handsupindustries we came up with a new appearance based on a flexible layout which works on different screen sizes and devices. 'txtr offers e-reading solutions and infrastructures for providers and publishers of digital books.

FELD - opening our new studio

On Sunday there was the house-warming party of our new studio space in Neukölln! From now on you are welcome at our new office at Weichselplatz 3 which is next to the so called “Dreiländereck” - the intersection of the three districts Kreuzberg, Treptow and Neukölln.

Drop by if you are around: We love visitors!

Sense of Orientation

Clemens Winkler is going to show “Sense of Orientation” at the “Live Wire. Art and Electricity” exhibition in Zürich from 8th Oct to 18 Dec 2011 at the Shedhalle.

The show is an invitation to reconsider our attitude towards electricity and how we take it for granted, the exhibition tries to put electricity into a historical context and to provoke new sensual experiences.

Live Wire. Art and Electricity

F75 Photo-Gallery, Stuttgart

“Extracts of local distance” is going to be shown at F75 Photogallery in Stuttgart from 18th Oct to 11th Nov 2011.

The exhibition is curated by Daniel Fuchs from Artur Images and focuses on architecture of Richard Meier reinterpreted by the “Extracts of local distance” algorithms.

f75 Fotogalerie

PANTONE, the new Sonic Pieces Release

FELD designed the new Album of Hauschka & Hildur Guðnadóttir which consists of a handmade cardboard/textile vinyl and CD packaging. All embossed, numbered and as usual handmade with a printed innersleeve.

A Touch of Code by Gestalten Verlag

We are more than proud to see 4 of our projects featured in the Gestalten book “A Touch of Code”. Besides the projects “Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” and “Fühlometer” the book also features “Literally Speaking” a Twitter based installation and “The Digital Wind” an instrument which transforms wifi signals into sound.

Curious? Check out the book at Gestalten Verlag.

»This Happened...« in Hamburg

»This Happened...« is a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design. For the first time this event took place in Hamburg and we are pleased that Martin could talk about his project “Object made for Dreams”. Further guests have been Dennis Paul, Moritz Stefaner, Andreas Koller and Christian Heidemann.

Provinz - eine Ausstellung im Sommer 2011

Provinz – eine Ausstellung im Sommer 2011 is a group exhibition taking place in the Southern German town of Lindau in August 2010. Featuring fourteen artists with an international background, the exhibition engages the arcadian island town located in the Lake of Constance, in a discourse about aspects of provinciality and periphery. Works by mostly young and emerging artists confront locals, visitors and tourists with changes in public space and thus present the town’s postcard aesthetics in new and unfamiliar contexts.

During the three weeks in August, large-scale installations and objects, light, video, painting, public readings, performances and temporary interventions can be seen all over the 2700-inhabitant island. The not-for-profit project PROVINZ is organized by a Berlin-based team consisting of Arne Fehmel, Korbinian Kainz and Felix Rundel.

Installation at DMY 2010, Berlin

For the DesignMai Berlin 2010 festival we developed an installation out of three stands with slides under magnifying glasses, through which the visitors could visually dive into the architectural collages from our »Extracts of local distance« project. By looking through these binoculars you could get a feel for the striking richness of detail in these images.

SEE#5 conference

Martin got invited to present his data sculpture project »Rose of Jericho« on the SEE conference in Wiesbaden. The conference focuses on visualizing information using digital media and is a platform that brings together fields like design, art, architecture and new technologies.

Group Exhibition in Tokyo

While two of our members, Benjamin and Martin worked and studied in Tokyo, they took the chance to organize an exhibition in collaboration with the Media & Art course at the TAMA Art University Tokyo and the University of the Arts Berlin. This event was not just about displaying artwork, more it was meant to be a space to initiate new thoughts and catalyze new ideas between Germany and Japan.

1um1 Festival, Lisboa

For the 1UM1 festival in Lisboa on the theme »Landscape: Using Your Illusions« we got invited to exhibit prints from the »Extracts of local distance« series. 1UM1 showcases and presents international and experimental intermedia art practices with emphasis placed on how technology and digital craft mediates, reveals and extends our senses, emotions and perceptions. Thanks to Teresa Dillon for the invitation and hospitality.

group exhibition Pixelache 2009, Helsinki

Looking at the aesthetics and game-changing qualities of rapid manufacturing and the merging of digital and physical manufacturing processes and methods, we were invited to join 2009 Pixelache festival in Helsinki. The exhibition took place in the ground floor of the museum of modern art Kiasma in the centre of Helsiki.

Pixelache 2009