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A giant smiley representing the mood of a city.


The “Fühlometer” (Feelometer) or “Public Face” is a reactive art installation which measures the average mood of the people in a city or a specific place, publicly representing this mood in the form of a monumental smiley.

The installation consists of a digital camera mounted above a crowd which observes the faces of the people below. The faces are analysed by sophisticated software (a contribution from the Fraunhofer Institut) which reads the emotions from the faces, aggregates the data and then sends it to a server. The emotional data obtained are then sent to the giant smiley which displays the emotions in real-time.

The system was developed as a joint project by the artists Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus from FELD and Richard Wilhelmer. Together, they had already realised a much respected media installation at the Gasometer in Berlin-Schöneberg in 2008.

They installed their interactive Feelometer installation at the lighthouse on Lindau-Island as their contribution to the summer group show on the island Provinz.

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