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A spatial installation capturing the hypnotising movement of flow field simulations


Flow fields are illuminating visualisations of energy and movement – their swirls and waves representing the interaction between various forces and dynamics. 

“Impulse” is a large-scale spatial installation simulating this effect through parametrically designed and cut metal plates. Mounted on a wall and lit from behind, the pattern and placement of the cut-outs establish the visual appearance of a flow field, while changes in the lighting further intensify the illusion of fluidity and mimic the speed and mood of the environment – »Impulse« thereby amplifies subtle changes in space and motion that usually escape our notice.

The installation was created for the reception area of Reebok’s headquarters, which are situated in Boston’s historic Seaport District, right on the waterfront. Inspired by this location and the contrast between industrial building materials and the flowing movement of the nearby sea, “Impulse” references both the materiality and rhythm of its surroundings. 

Engineering, fabrication and installation by Design Communications Limited

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IMPULSE - Reebok

Hand over of our installation at the Reebok headquarter in Boston this week.