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Prototype for personal data collections formalised into abstract physical data sculptures.

Memory Shapes

How can we use rapid manufacturing techniques to represent emotional data in a haptic way? What kind of information do we choose to represent ourself for future generations?

Memory Shapes are generated objects functioning as stores of individual memory data. They emerge from information gathered during the daily life of the individual, forming a sculpture which develops alongside a person's life, like some sort of arbor vitae. The data from which these memory shapes are formed relate to statistical/numerical interpretations of self chosen moments documented through the lifetime of the individual using small personal memory collecting devices. These can be data recording boxes or buttons placed in particular locations, or worn by the collector. Based on information gathered by these devices each shape is calculated and custom made.

Together, these ever changing forms serve as a physical archive of the life of the individual to be used by themselves, by others, or by future generations. As the memory shapes of each person are unique, both in the way they store memorial information, and in their appearance, the information recorded by them is not immediately accessible for new observers and it only becomes perceptible by giving intense attention to the object. We, as observers, must develop our own ways of seeing and interpreting the data stored within each object.

The three sculptures realised so far, were developed in cooperation with the personalities which they represent. They visualise the different individual personal interests like the changing spatial distance between three important places or the state of close social relations in a poetic and ritualised way.

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