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Mood data sculptures that focus on representing the varying mood of online friends.

Mood Data Sculptures

The first piece, called the “Weeping Willow: a Tree Full of Friends”, consists of a tree-like form with wooden moving branches. Every branch stands for an online friend, and the slope of a single branch represents their happiness or sadness: the happier the friend, the higher the branch will grow. Each branch is made of different segments. The alignment of the segments depends on a numerical value assigned to different adjectives, ranging from 0 to 10, for sad and excited respectively.

In an interesting twist, a new segment is recorded for every day of a week. At the end of the week, the tree is laser-cut and sent to the recipient.

The other piece, titled “Rose of Jericho: a Living Data Sculpture”, is a flower normally growing in deserts, able to survive very long times without water. When watered, the branches rapidly spread out. The process of curling up and opening is reversible and can be repeated many times. Accordingly, the water supply for the rose is controlled by a friend's mood. A happier or more positive emotional state results in plenty of water for the plant, sadness cuts the water supply all together.

These data sculptures attempt to maintain ambiguity and ambivalence: one should not be able to read its meaning directly, but instead the focus is on conveying a more general feeling of a friend's mood.

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