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Linking people in local networks using a shared humanoid artificial life form.


This software application focuses on social functions within digital micro-communities. The idea was to create a mischievous character called MUCOM, whose habitat is the collective screen space of the people connected in a local area network, it moves from screen to screen – haunting the users in the particular connected group. If the user ignores MUCOM it becomes more active in disturbing them. If the user ignores MUCOM for too long it gets becomes more and more mischievous and attempts to steal a file or a part of your desktop. The stolen piece of the screen is then no longer visible to the user until MUCOM finds its way back to that particular desktop, or until another user releases the file.

Nevertheless, the main mission of MUCOM is to carry data between connected users, giving them the possibility to share content. On Its way through the network MUCOM can only be on one computer at one time. The appearance of “MUCOM” varies according to the number of connected users and the number of data files each user has uploaded. By clicking the user icon, all files are shown.