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Generative tool to create visual elements for an identity system


In collaboration with ATMO design studio, we created a new visual identity for PIGMENTPOL, a digital printing company with three subsidiaries in Germany. The new identity system embodies
a variety of perspectives, experiences and possibilities while maintaining a coherent appearance. The chosen hexagon serves as a central key element, from which the generated logos and backgrounds are derived.

FELD provided a custom software application for the creation of individual graphics to enable a flexible and individual appearance of the huge variety of PIGMENTPOL's corporate media, including personalized stationery, shop interior and vehicles. The software was built with the processing framework and the fabulous ANI library from Benedikt Groß.

ATMO design | PIGMENTPOL | FLICKr Photo Set

The hexagon functions as a key object for the geometry, within which additional intersections can be arranged.

Following a chosen color scheme, every segment is colorized and all intersections are highlighted.

Before exporting the graphic as a PDF file, the ability to scale and crop to a desired area is given.

The generated graphics can be further processed or simply used within the regular layout process.

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We are happy to see the dynamic stationery for PIGMENTPOL featured in a couple of international publication.