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An ongoing book series featuring the printed music of Nils Frahm’s piano works.

Nils Frahm SHEETS

SHEETS ZWEI is the second book in the SHEETS series featuring the printed music of Nils Frahm’s piano works. The book contains specially selected artwork, illustrated instructions on how to prepare your piano and a digital pass to download audio copies of the titles featured in each book.

The photographer Klaus Frahm collaborated with his son to provide the special artwork for SHEETS ZWEI. The artwork by Klaus Frahm comes from a series of photographs of barns, abandoned buildings and other rural artifacts taken in Portugal during Nils’ childhood. The improvised experimental method of applying the liquid light-sensitive emulsion on the watercolor-paper with a brush underline the roughness and simple structures Klaus has photographed and transport his ideas on structure and improvisation.

SHEETS ZWEI includes illustrated instructions to turn every piano into an Una Corda piano which Nils developed recently together the piano builder David Klavins. Based on the shown tricks the tone of a usual instrument can have the character of the Una Corda piano, which due to its construction has a particularly warm and pure sound. Winsome diagrams from Berlin-based artist Paul Paetzel decorate the directions for this and the first edition.

SHEETS EINS is a deluxe artefact containing the sheet music to ten of Nils Frahm’s piano pieces, a selection of photographs from award-winning visual artist Stuart Bailes, who creates nocturnal landscapes using studio lights and imposed stage-like settings and illustrated instructions on how to modify your piano to achieve Nils’ signature ‘Felt’ sound by Paul Paetzel.

SHEETS is published by Manners McDade and distributed by Faber Music. Available in good music shops and online stores worldwide.

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Concept, design and production by FELD
Piano illustrations by Paul Paetzel
Sheet layout by Max Knoth