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Tensed Connections

What forms of expression does electric current have? A simple amplifier makes electric current audible. Electric charges flow through all of us, even though we touch each other or interact with our environment. When someone is using this device, they get an idea about the electric current flowing through them. The device enhances the physical world by allowing us to hear the electrical signals flowing through our bodies.

The circuit could be attuned to different aspects of human behaviour, using the electrical flows of our physical and bodily perceivable world. As the interaction between mankind and technology develops, more and more objects and materials will communicate with us in more complex ways which create a deeper level of understanding.

In testing, the amplifier was connected to a pencil. Using the pencil you can generate a conductive trace as the graphite short-circuits through the body and/or the surroundings. Using the device in this was makes it possible to generate sounds depending on the currents flowing through the body, or through a conductive object; this allows us to make new musical compositions